Sydney Koryukan


What is Toshu Kempo? 

A contemporary study and practice of old school Okinawan martial arts. Toshu Kempo re-ignites the spirit of traditional martial arts through vigorous training in practical and dynamic two-person exercises focused upon enabling students with realistic self-defence skills. Students will learn methods of Striking, Grappling, Throws & Displacement, Joint Locking, Restraints, Chokes and Defensive Theory & Tactics as a part of our complete system. 

Toshu Kempo at the Koryukan is a proven system, relentlessly pressure tested, both popular and of great benefit to experienced martial artists seeking deeper understanding and more rounded skills. 

Beginners of all ages are equally welcome and learn from quality instruction from day one.

Our aim is to provide the values of tradition with the realism of contemporary insights into the traditions and history of Okinawan martial arts.

On Ko Chi Shin - to study the old to understand the new.

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