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Little Dragons

The Little Dragons program is aimed at developing children in the 4 - 6 year range through the martial arts into being productive and proactive people.

Our lessons are designed to encourage positive thinking, self-aware children whom resolve conflict without violence and resist peer pressure.


Through training in the martial arts students become empowered and self-disciplined, understanding their gained skills are for the protection of themselves and others, rather than random fighting and aggression.  

Our lesson plans range from Gross Motor Skill games and techniques to self-defence oriented scenarios and informal lectures on "Proactive Behaviour through Karate Training".

Although our emphasis is the teaching of martial arts skills, it is important for the children to be in a no pressure, self-developing and fun learning environment for positive results to be achieved. Students will be guided through the martial arts syllabus gaining self-empowerment via continued progression.

 In addition to providing positive direction and martial arts skills we also guide students through important issues such as Bullying - Strangers & Respecting Others. It is only by providing a complete program can we develop students who will benefit our community. 


Why the Martial Arts?

Martial art training serves as a vehicle to instil the values and skills necessary to combat the peer pressures associated with at risk behaviours. The core philosophy of martial arts stresses the integral importance of developing a healthy mind and body necessary to lead a productive life. It is with this mindset that we conduct our lessons and guide students forward.



4:20pm - 5:00pm

Sydney Koryukan Dojo

Unit 8 / 327-329 Woodpark Rd,

Smithfield NSW 2164

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